Duck's Breath Mystery Theatre

Born to Be Tiled

Side A

  1. Either Way Is Fine With Me
  2. Real People of the Future: The Vatican Disco
  3. Ask Dr. Science: Four Questions
  4. Money Is a Gun
  5. Millionaire Bootcamp
  6. Waiting in the Car
  7. I'm an Old Folksinger
  8. The Underwater World of Jacques Cocteau
  9. The Day They Put Laughter in Prison

Side B

  1. The Boogadoo Players: A Soundamentary
  2. Taboo
  3. The Boogadoo Players
  4. Burger Wars
  5. Just Dropped In (To See What My Condition Is In)
  6. The Boogadoo Players: An Update
  7. The Day They Put Laughter in Prison II
  8. The Invasion of the Mole People
  9. The Boogadoo Players

Carved into the vinyl: Nothing

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