National Lampoon

Radio Dinner

Side One

  1. Deteriorata
  2. Phono Phunnies/Teenyrap/It's Obvious
  3. Catch It and You Keep It/Pigeons/Teenyrap/'Quinas 'n' 'Rasmus/All Kidding Aside/Phono Phunnies/Teenyrap
  4. Magical Misery Tour

Side Thirteen

  1. Those Fabulous Sixties
  2. Profiles in Chrome
  3. Teenyrap/Phono Phunnies/Pigeons/Suport Your Locol Polece
  4. Pull the Tregros/Teenyrap/ng Asi/Phono Phunnies
  5. Concert in Bangla Desh

Carved into the vinyl: Nothing

Inserts: Order form for National Lampoon Magazine

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