Niusia Nobisowna, Robert Nowak, Marisha Data

Na Wesolo Polish Comedy Album

Side A

  1. Zareczyny Franusia Cukierka (Engagement of Franus Cukierek)
  2. Awantura Matzenska (Family Quarrel)
  3. Przyjazd Do Ameryki (Arrival in U.S.A.)

Side B

  1. Paczki (Polish Doughnuts)
  2. Piesek (Little Doggie)
  3. Dieta (The Diet)
  4. Piknik (The Picnic)
  5. Talenta (Talents)
  6. Bitka Na Weselu (Fight at the Wedding)

Carved into the vinyl: Nothing

Notes: No, I do not speak Polish. I listened to the record, and from the second side, which is peppered with English phrases, I could get the gist of the kind of family relationship oriented humor that one would suppose dominates the entire album. However, if I ever do learn Polish, I will have something to laugh at!

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