Ogden Edsl Wahalia Blues Ensemble Mondo Bizzario Band


Side One

  1. The Crocodile Song
  2. Ft. Hemophilia Drive-In; Eight Lanes to Nowhere
  3. Lube Job
  4. Drive-In Welcome; G.W.F. Hegel Waltz; Pacific Ocean; Pig Pit; Jean Paul
  5. Jamaican Holiday
  6. Charnel House
  7. Dead Puppies

Side Two

  1. Lackadaisical Cincinnati
  2. Little Fairies/Sister City
  3. F.M. Late Night D.J.
  4. Black Beauty; 139 Degrees; Hold On; Dial-a-Vibe; Holy Trinity
  5. Russian Roulette Giveaway
  6. Sweet Breeze
  7. The World Is Gone

Carved into the vinyl: No thanks to John/Help me I'm trapped in Omaha

Record List