Joshua Rifkin

The Baroque Beatles Book

Side One

  1. The Royale Beatleworks Musicke, MBE 1963
    1. Ouverture: I Want to Hold Your Hand; You're Going to Lose That Girl
    2. Rejouissance: I'll Cry Instead
    3. La Paix: Things We Said Today
    4. L'Amour s'en cachant: You've Got to Hide Your Love Away; Les Plaisirs: Ticket to Ride
  2. Epstein Variations, MBE 69A Hold Me Tight

Side Two

  1. "Last Night I Said," Cantata for the Third Saturday after Shea Stadium, MBE 58,000
    1. Chorus: "Last night I said;" Please Please Me
    2. Recitative: "In they came jorking;" Aria: "When I was younger;" Help!
    3. Chorale: "You know, if you break my heart;" I'll Be Back
  2. Trio Sonata: Das Kaferlein, MBE 004 1/4
    1. Grave-Allegro-Grave: Eight Days a Week
    2. Quodlibette: She Loves You; Thank You girl; Hard Day's Night

Carved into the vinyl: Nothing

Inserts: Lyric sheet

Record List