Biff Rose

Half Live at the Bitter End

Side One

  1. Opening - If I Knew What Jesus Knew
  2. No Use Trying to Impress
  3. Steinway Really Builds a Piano
  4. Crooked Astrologer and Great Movies
  5. Inhale Along
  6. Loving the Audience
  7. Turn Out the Lights
  8. Happy Birthday Beethoven
  9. Wow California and Everybody's So Hip
  10. Understand the President
  11. Losing the Race and Peace on Earth
  12. First Miracle
  13. Son of God

Side Two

  1. The Shah's Embrodered Pants
  2. I Get High on Resentment
  3. Gone Downtown
  4. Spiritualizing My Body
  5. What Would You Do
  6. The Reverend Performing "With a Little Help From My Friends"
  7. The Reverend Performing "Don't Be Cruel"
  8. The Reverend Performing "Please Me and Let Me Love Again"

Carved into the vinyl: Nothing

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