Anna Russell

The Anna Russell Album?

Record I - Side One

  1. Coloratura aria: Canto dolciamente pipo from the opera "La Cantatrice squelante"
  2. British - pure but dull: I Love the Spring
  3. Russian folk song: Da, Nyet, Da, Nyet
  4. For loud singers with no brains: Ah, Lover! from the operetta "The Prince of Philadelphia"

Side Two

  1. For singers with tremendous artistry but no voice: Schlumpf; Je n'ai pas la plume de ma tante
  2. Contemporary music for tone-deaf singers: My Heart Is Red
  3. For the untrained singer: I Gave My Love a Cherry
  4. For the dramatic soprano: Schreechenrauf

Record II - Side One

  1. "The Ring of the Nibelungs" (An Analysis)

Side Two

  1. Introduction to the Concert (By Women's Club President)
  2. How to Write Your Own Gilbert and Sullivan Opera

Carved into the vinyl: Nothing

Record List