Mort Sahl

Anyway... Onward

Side One

  1. Opening Remarks - Mort's Role in Society
  2. Invitation to the White House
  3. Impressions of His Old War Colleague Now a Colonel, Who Flies Mort to Washington
  4. Observationson Demonstrators in Front of the White House
  5. Entering the White House
  6. Meeting with Bill Moyers
  7. Discussion with Moyers on the Warren Commission
  8. Meeting Richard Goodwin
  9. Taking Care of the Original Purpose of the Visit and His Meeting with Hubert Humphrey and Jack Valenti

Side Two

  1. More of Hubert Humphrey
  2. The President's Office
  3. Preparation for Meeting President Johnson
  4. The Great Moment Everyone Waits For
  5. Seeing Walter Lipmann
  6. Prediction for 1968

Carved into the vinyl: Nothing

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