Soupy Sales

Still Soupy After All These Years

Side One

  1. So You Don't Like Cats
  2. Pachalafaka
  3. White Fang in Chicago
  4. Words of Wisdom
  5. Hair of the Schnauzer
  6. My Ugly Sister-in-Law
  7. Buddy Can You Spare an Aspirin
  8. Soupy Reads the Paper
  9. Some Doctor Jokes
  10. A Funny Thing Happened to Me in the Barber Shop and Hotel Lobby
  11. Orson Welles and All Those Guys
  12. Somebody Knockin' at My Door

Side Two

  1. There's a Horsey at My Door
  2. The Paramount, My Greatest Thrill
  3. More Words of Wisdom
  4. Three Old Men Stories
  5. Gimme Some Skin
  6. Old Shows Never Die, "They Just Get Erased"
  7. The Mouse
  8. My Father Wants His Dollar Back
  9. Somebody Else Knockin' at My Door
  10. My First Love

Carved into the vinyl: Nothing

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