Peter Schickele

P.D.Q. Bach: Music You Can't Get Out of Your Head

Side One

  1. "Howdy" Symphony in D Major
    1. Introduzione casuale; allegro con mucho brio
    2. Andante con mojo
    3. Menuetto allegretto
    4. Come un pipistrello fuori dall'inferno

Side Two

  1. Peruckenstuck (Hair Piece) from "The Civilian Barber"
  2. Suite from "The Civilian Barber"
    1. Entrance of the dragoons (tempo di Marsha)
    2. Dance of St. Vitus
    3. His majesty's minuet
    4. Fanfare for the royal shaft
    5. Her majesty's minuet
    6. Departure of the dragoons (tempo di on the double)

Carved into the vinyl: Nohting

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