Alan Seidler

The Duke of Ook

Side A

  1. Duke of Ook
  2. What Is the Use of Calling Me San?
  3. Won't You Come and Be Profligerate
  4. Never Oh Never Whatever You Do, Sing a Gorilla Song
  5. Oozing Cyst Blues
  6. Oozin' Just Oozin' for You
  7. The Once-It-Was-Herbibiwis-But-Now-It's-Anemic Rag

Side B

  1. Puv Hooves
  2. D-O-A-P
  3. Old Vitoville Blues
  4. Fash
  5. All By Myself (Without No Ape)
  6. What Sort of a Vuv
  7. The Universal Uk

Carved into the vinyl: Nothing

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