San Francisco Mime Troupe

The Album

Side One

  1. Armies of the Night
  2. Armageddonman
  3. Fight for Life (The Spirit Song)
  4. Because You're Stupid
  5. Blow the Mother Up
  6. The Last Song

Side Two

  1. San Martin
  2. Spy Theme
  3. Mira Mujer (Rufina's Song)
  4. Bomba Popular (People's Bomb)
  5. No Hay Centro (There's No Middle)
  6. Baile de la Cana (Sugar Cane Dance)
  7. La Gigantona (The Giantess)

Carved into the vinyl: Nothing

Notes: Ugh! Dated "humor" satirizing the Central American and nuclear policies of the 1980's. As usual, political humor gets stale faster than French bread.

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