Bruce Spencer

The Best of Crazy Ads

Side One

  1. Introduction; Birth of Crazy Ads; Sabre Jet; Foot Lockers; Short Order Cook; Plastic Surgeon; Buses; Two-Hunderd Miners
  2. Unknown Performer; Bird Lovers; Dog for Sale; Engraver Wanted; Used Caboose; Strike Breakers Wanted; Opera Singer
  3. Bob Newhart; Internal Revenue; Baby Lion; Willing to Trade; Obstetrician; Missiles
  4. Underwater Swimming; Stereo; Mathematics; Teacher; Shy Girls; Practical Nurse
  5. The Squid Story

Side Two

  1. Knock Knock; Big Idea Man; Anxious Girl; Bread Blocks; Lobsters; Lost Elephant; House for Sale
  2. Bathroom for Rent
  3. House for Rent; Audition; Vat for Sale; Cookbooks; Pot Bellied Stove; Research Executive Wanted; Christmas Special; Girogges
  4. All Dog Australian Symphony
  5. Meatpacking; Mosquito Bites; The Business; 36-24-42; Baby Sitter Wanted; Conclusion

Carved into the vinyl: Nothing

Record List