Buddy Starcher

History Repeats Itself

Side One

  1. History Repeats Itself
  2. The Great Decade of the Sixties
  3. Eve of My Multiplication
  4. Sniper's Hill
  5. Last Supper
  6. I'm in a Jam, Jim

Side Two

  1. History Repeats Itself Part II
  2. A Taxpayer's Letter
  3. Day of Decision
  4. Judge, What About Me?
  5. The Fall of a Nation
  6. Brave Men Not Afraid

Carved into the vinyl: Nothing

Notes: Not a comedy album, but the title track is a recitation of the similarities between Kennedy and Lincoln and their assassinations. Definitely a demented item. "A Taxpayer's Letter" is quite amusing, bordering on comedic.

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