The Surf Trio

Forbidden Sounds

Side One

  1. Hey Man, Cut the Comedy
  2. Salt Bath
  3. Vibrosurf
  4. Bring Me the Head of Geraldo Rivera
  5. Agent Invisible Goes West
  6. Clatskanie
  7. Little Death Coupe
  8. Party in My Dorm
  9. Forbidden Fruit
  10. Perfidia

Side Two

  1. Being for the Benefit for Mr. French
  2. Foglifter
  3. Sharkskin Board
  4. Surfin' With the Mountain King
  5. Surfwalk
  6. Water Witch
  7. Bandolero!
  8. To Surf With Love
  9. Calico Cat
  10. (Hey, we're the millionth band to do) Tra La La (the Banana Splits Theme)
  11. [unlisted track]

Carved into the vinyl: Nothing

Record List