The Swinging Erudites

Unchained Parodies

Side One

  1. Introduction
  2. Jon Anchovi Sings
    1. You Give Rock a Bad Name
    2. Livin' on My Hair
  3. Commercial Message
  4. The Dealer of the Crack
  5. South Africa Thanks It's Friend, Paul Simon
  6. Yuppie Man
  7. Keep Your Glands to Yourself
  8. It's Reggae Time!

Side Two

  1. Voice of Encouragement and Hope
  2. Theme from "New York", "New York"
  3. Walk With an Erection
  4. Backwards Masking "666"
  5. Frankie & Annette Meet Jim & Tammy
  6. The Paul McCartney Massacre:
    1. Silly Paul McCartney
    2. Stupid People Living in the Past
    3. Yesterday Pt. I & II
    4. Robert Plant Serenade
    5. Eighties New-Wave Serenade
    6. Losers in the Studio, and Dying (L.S.D.)
    7. Merciless Reprise
  7. Springtime for Hitler
  8. Hey! (Not Another Face in the Crowd), AKA, "The Serious Song"
    1. Parodies Don't Pay Publishing
    2. This Proves We're a "Reaal Band", Man!
    3. We Knew All the Chords
  9. Good Night!

Carved into the vinyl: Nothing

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