Irving Taylor

Drink Along With Irving

Side One

  1. Domestic Wine (Vocal by Robie Lester)
  2. Make It a Chocolate Soda (Vocal by Jeff Stevens)
  3. Separate Bar Stools (Vocal by Mel Blanc, Bea Benaderet and Key Howard)
  4. You're the Kind of a Girl Men Remember (Vocal by The Ice Cubes)
  5. A Barfly's Love Song (Vocal by Robie Lester)
  6. Liquor Is Our Business (Vocal by Mel Blanc)
  7. Tipsy #3 (Vocal by The Chumps)

Side Two

  1. The Chitlin University Dixie Cup Song (Vocal by Key Howard)
  2. Sub-Bourbon Living (Vocal by Bea Benaderet and Elvia Allman)
  3. Associated Correspondence School Alma Mater (Vocal by ACS Glee Club and Penmanship Society)
  4. The Friendly Shot Glass Polka (Vocal by The Four Roses Minus One)
  5. Mother Goes to Brothers (Vocal by Scarlet Adean)
  6. Dyin' for a Dry Martini (Vocal by Rick Maver and The Posse)

Carved into the vinyl: Nothing

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