Theremin With Vocal Group and Orchestra/Dr. Samuel J. Hoffman

Music Out of the Moon/Peace of Mind

Side One - Music Out of the Moon

  1. Lunar Rhapsody
  2. Moon Moods
  3. Lunette
  4. Celestial Nocturne
  5. Mist o' the Moon
  6. Radar Blues

Side Two - Peace of Mind

  1. This Room Is My Castle of Quiet
  2. The Darkness Gives Me You Again
  3. Remebering Your Lips
  4. My Troubles Float Away Like Falling Leaves
  5. Your Soft Hand on My Brow
  6. I Dream of a Past Love

Carved into the vinyl: Nothing

Notes: The theremin has its place is the archives of bizarre instruments. This is a double album featuring two classic 10" EP's.

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