Lily Tomlin

And That's the Truth

Side One

  1. Hey Lady
  2. I Always Kiss Buster
  3. My Sister Mary Jean
  4. Look in the Sky
  5. I Dressed Him Up
  6. Here's the Empty Lot
  7. Guess the Riddle
  8. I Can't Go to the Movies Here
  9. I Go to Sunday School
  10. Here's My House

Side Two

  1. Lady Lady Open Up
  2. I Like Your Kitchen
  3. Do You Have Any Chewing Gum?
  4. Don't My Toes Look Pretty?
  5. I Will Help You Unpack
  6. Does This Chair Lean Back?
  7. Tell Me Something Lady
  8. Finish Putting the Groceries Away
  9. I Want You to Go

Carved into the vinyl: Nothing

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