Travesty Ltd.

Teen Comedy Party

Side One

  1. Harmonies from Hell
  2. Hollywood Squares
  3. Station Break
  4. How to Play the Bongos
  5. The Day That I Met Mr. Peanut
  6. Station Break
  7. Strange, But False
  8. Rock Archives, Part One
  9. Dr. Schill's Ear Spray
  10. Rock Archives, Part Two
  11. Snack Shack
  12. Uncle Lar's Laff Factory

Side Two

  1. Famous Truckdrivers' School of Songwriting
  2. How to Make It With Beautiful Babes
  3. Station Break
  4. At the Record Store
  5. Rock and Roll Doctor
  6. Mr. Science
  7. All About Music
  8. It's Not Alive
  9. Station Break
  10. Earth Mother News
  11. Ted Nugents' Weather Report
  12. Class Discussion
  13. Station Break
  14. Death Jam '80

Carved into the vinyl: Nothing

Inserts: How to laugh instructions

Record List