Wayne and Shuster

Selected Short Subjects

Side One

  1. Whiskey Taster
  2. Professor Bernardi and His Talking Dog
  3. Report from Scotland Yard
  4. How to Have a Fantastic Memory
  5. African Explorer
  6. Conditional Surrender
  7. The Whipped Cream Diet
  8. The New Sound
  9. A Sheik in New York
  10. The Greatest Living English Actor
  11. The International Jewel Thief

Side Two

  1. Peace Through Jazz
  2. Mechanical Men
  3. Witch Dentist
  4. At Home with the Vampire
  5. Mistaken Identity
  6. The Sandwich Expose
  7. Visitor from Paris
  8. Dog Psychologist
  9. Unlisted Criminal
  10. At Last Effective Filtration
  11. The Counterfeiter

Carved into the vinyl: Nothing

Record List