Dick Whittinghill and Bob Arbogast

At Carnegie Hall

Side One

  1. Sight vs. Sound
  2. The Head-Hunter
  3. Star of the Silent Screen
  4. The Secret Sound
  5. Life in These United States
  6. Moloney and the Lieutenant
  7. Somewhere Over the Pacific
  8. Of Space and Time
  9. The Inventor
  10. The Window-Washer
  11. Call the Doctor
  12. Childish Psychology

Side Two

  1. The Lifeguard
  2. Sign In, Please
  3. The Juggler
  4. A Message from Our Sponsor
  5. Two Announcers
  6. Hi There, Old Man
  7. Back in the Woodwork
  8. Pilot to Control Tower
  9. The Perfect Comeback
  10. The Flagpole Sitter
  11. A Recipe
  12. Moloney and the Lieutenant Revisited
  13. The Dog Catcher

Carved into the vinyl: Nothing

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