Bob Zany

Hi Home I'm Honey!

Side One

  1. Stand Up Comedy

Side Two

  1. Editorial on Subliminal Selling
  2. As the Zany's Turn (Intro & At Home)
  3. Zany Home Loan (We Got the Money)
  4. Bob Zany's Mayberry B.F.D. (Aunt Bea Jazzercising)
  5. Nixon-Zany Car
  6. As the Zany's Turn (At the Beach)
  7. Bob Zany's One Hour Pornography
  8. The Zany Zone
  9. Guranteed Auto Ripoff
  10. Bob Zany's Mayberry B.F.D. (Aunt Bea's New Undies)
  11. Bob Zany Sings the Best of the Partridge Family
  12. As the Zany's Turn (At their Favorite Restaurant)
  13. Bob Zany's Pipi Goes to Harlem
  14. Bob Zany's Mayberry B.F.D. (Opie's Runaway)
  15. As the Zany's Turn (They Go Fishing)
  16. Bob Zany's Love Short Story
  17. As the Zany's Turn (In Las Vegas)
  18. Bob Zany for Milk
  19. As the Zany's Turn (Dad Comes Home Drunk)

Carved into the vinyl: Nothing

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