Monty Python

Instant Record Collection

The pick of the best of some recently repeated Python hits again, Vol. II

Side One

  1. The Executive Intro
  2. Pet Shop
  3. Nudge Nudge
  4. Live Broadcast From London - Premiere of Film
  5. Bring Out Your Dead
  6. How Do You Tell a Witch
  7. Camelot
  8. Argument Clinic
  9. Crunchy Frog
  10. The Cheese Shop
  11. The Phone-In
  12. Sit on My Face

Side Two

  1. Another Executive Announcement
  2. Bishop on the Landing
  3. Elephantoplasty
  4. The Lumberjack Song
  5. Bookshop
  6. Blackmail
  7. Farewell to John Denver
  8. World Forum
  9. String
  10. Wide World of Novel Writing
  11. Death of Mary Queen of Scots
  12. Never Be Rude to an Arab

Tape List