Vince Emery Presents

Star Trek Comedy - The Unofficial Album

Side One

  1. Uhura - Joey Shoji and the Trektones
  2. All the Star Trek TV Shows Ever Made Rolled Into One - Jim Samuels
  3. Star Trex V: In Search of Cash - Kevin Pollack
  4. Banned From Argo - The Dehorn Crew with Leslie Fish
  5. Star Drek - Bobby "Boris" Pickett and Peter Ferrara

Side Two

  1. Star Trip - The Congress of Wonders
  2. The Worst Star Trek Jokes - Ben and Samurai
  3. Twenty Years of Pointy Ears - Sid Terror
  4. The Captain's Answering Machine Tape - Kevin Pollak
  5. Star Trek Bits - Rick Warren

Tape List