Akacia is: (click on member name for some thoughts)

Doug's Mug Doug Meadows, drums

Doug's delightful drumming derives from decades of dedication. His hot hands hammer home the heavy rhythms. Doug knows more about the history of rock than many deejays. Just ask him. And he's got more rock t-shirts than Spencer's. Can you tell who's featured on this one?
Eric Naylor, vocals, carpenter

Eric believes what he sings and sings what he believes. And we all believed he could sing, so I believe that makes him our lead singer. He is right at home playing just about any of the other instruments in the band, but we keep him tied down to the mic.
Front man's front side
Steve's Mug Steve Stortz, bass

Steve is a baseball fan, reads existentialist philosophy and wears a cowboy hat to play prog music. So? He is also the Akacia webmaster and is solely responsible for all the nonsense you see here.
Dave Stratton, keyboards

Okay, here's the real Dave.  You'll have to catch us live or wait until the second album comes out to hear his keyboard wizardry.  Personally, I love to hear him solo.  Makes me want to learn how to play an instrument!
Is this Dave?
Mike's Mug Mike Tenenbaum, guitar, vocals, visionary

Akacia is Mike's project. He found the rest of us playing for other bands and collected us one by one until he had amassed the formidable collection of musical misfits that together is saving the world from the "petrified forest of Boom-Boom-Bap!" (F. Zappa).