Brass Serpent cover

The Brass Serpent is now available!




MP3 samples from our music (Some are long and may require several minutes of download)

  1. Postmodernity [album "The Brass Serpent"]
  2. The Brass Serpent edit #1 [album "The Brass Serpent"]
  3. The Brass Serpent edit #2 [album "The Brass Serpent"]
  4. The Grace of God  [album "The Brass Serpent"]
  5. An Other Life [album "An Other Life"]
  6. Journal [album "An Other Life"]


News - Mike Tenenbaum was hospitalized on Sept. 11 with back problems.  He's in the hospital now, awaiting surgery and in need of your prayers.  I will update the page whenever I have new information.

Our next performance - The Upper Room event has been canceled due to Mike's infirmity.

Reminder - A guest author (S. T. Karnick) on the National Review Online website called An Other Life the BEST DEBUT ALBUM of the year!  To read the review in its entirety, see:

New Music - The second Christian Progressive Rock compilation (CPR Vol. 2) is now out.  Akacia does not have a track on this one, but we support our friends and the cause of Christian prog rock.  Check it out at CPRogRock



Akacia is a progressive rock band in the spirit of Yes, Genesis, King Crimson, the Flower Kings, Spock's Beard, and so on.  We've been together since late 2001 and have released one independently pressed album "An Other Life" (now re-released on Musea records) with a second coming in February '05.  We hail from Eastern Massachusetts and have played mostly local spots to date.  If you would like to hear some clips from our first album, go here: CD Baby.


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