Steve's Comedy and Dementia Collection*

*Special thanks to Father Bob Giuntini who sold me his lovingly assembled collection of three decades and whose records will start appearing on this page as soon as they are duly sorted and cataloged.  He and I shared a great chat about recorded comedy and I'm privileged to have met such a fan of laughter and lightheartedness.

Including Records, Tapes, CD's with demented music

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What's on this page?

Straight-Up Comedy
You know - Bill Cosby, National Lampoon, Abbott & Costello, Cheech & Chong, "Weird Al" Yankovic and so on.
Albums with maybe only one song that Dr. Demento played on his show
That would be like The Vapors "Turning Japanese" or The Fabulous Poodles "Vampire Rock" or The Wallets "Totally Nude"
Children's records with silly songs
Sesame Street records (like Sesame Street Disco), Chipmunks records, various other children's records.
Really, really bad music (so bad it's good?)
Mrs. Miller, The Holiday City Hot-Cha Band, Florence Foster Jenkins, Wildman Fischer, Rhino Brothers' World's Worst Records.
People who take themselves more seriously (at times) than I do
William Shatner, Paul Harvey, Leonard Nimoy, Ruth Batchelor.
Compilation records with a few silly songs
Fun Rock, Dumb Ditties, Goofy Gold, 40 Funky Hits, Kooky Kountry.
Cheesecake and gimmick records
Frivolous Five, Strip Tease Classics (cd)
Demented instrumental music
Sy Mann, Dick Hyman, Jonathan Edwards
Off-color and bawdy music and comedy
Oscar Brand, John Valby, The Four Sergeants, Belle Barth
"Serious" artists who have a demented view of the world
Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart, The Beat Farmers, Tonio K.


Page Last Updated Comments
CD's July 22, 2001 Cd's aren't my area of expertise, thus I have fewer of them.
8-Tracks November 9, 1999 Getting harder to find!
45's April 16, 2003 A few comedy routines are only available on 45, most of these appear on albums.
Records A-D October 6, 2006 I've split the list into three parts to accomodate its size.
Records E-M October 6, 2006 New middle part.
Records N-Z January 21, 2006 Been a while, I know. Expect more updates this year.
78's September 14, 2000 Just came across a huge batch - watch for updates.
Tapes March 4, 2001 Usually I'd rather have a record, but some albums are only available as tapes.
For Sale July 23, 2003 Acquisitions from a recent show.
Photo Gallery August 24, 2002 I will try to post some covers of interest.
Variations October 26, 1998 Check out some records which appear in several flavors.


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