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Artist Title Cover Vinyl Price
Kip Addotta The Comedian of the United States vg vg+ $8
Kip Addotta I Hope I'm Not Out of Line still sealed $12
Franklyn Ajaye Comedian vg+ vg $15
Woody Allen The Nightclub Years vg (cut corner) ex $20
All in the Family Vol 1. ex ex $15
Susan Anspach and Joe Silver Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts vg (hole) vg+ $5
Wendy Bagwell This, That and the Other vg vg $15
Orson Bean I Ate the Baloney vg- vg+ $15
Reathel Bean Rap Master Ronnie vg- vg- $5
Shelly Berman Inside good good $7
Bob and Ray The Two and Only vg- (cut corner) vg $10
Erma Bombeck The Family That Plays Together... poor (major sticker damage on rear) ex $4
Victor Borge Caught in the Act vg vg $10
Victor Borge Comedy in Music good good $7
Oscar Brand Sing Along Bawdy Songs vg (cutout) vg+ $15
Oscar Brand The Wild Blue Yonder cutout hole still sealed $15
Mel Brooks High Anxiety vg (cut out) vg+ $7
Mel Brooks History of the World Part I vg- good $5
Julie Brown Trapped in the Body of a White Girl cutout (vg+) ex $10
Bryan and Dodge More Bert and I... vg vg $7
Victor Buono Heavy! still sealed $10
George Carlin Carlin on Campus vg vg $5
George Carlin Class Clown vg ex $7
George Carlin FM & AM vg vg $7
George Carlin On the Road (w/insert) vg vg $7
The Caroleers 'Twas the Night Before Christmas vg vg+ $7
Cheech & Chong Big Bambu vg- vg $5
Cheech & Chong Cheech & Chong vg vg $7
Chech & Chong Let's Make a New Dope Deal vg+ vg+ $25
Cheech & Chong Los Cochinos good fair $5
Cheech & Chong Wedding Album fair fair $3
Ben Colder The Wacky World of Ben Colder vg vg $7
Billy Connolly Billy and Albert vg- (cutout) vg+ $5
Joe Conti Comedy ala Conti vg vg $5
Bill Cosby Bill's Best Friend vg (cutout) vg $10
NEW Bill Cosby More of the Best of Bill Cosby vg- vg- $5
Norm Crosby She Wouldn't Eat the Mushrooms vg- vg- $20
Bill Dana & Joey Forman The Mashuganishi Yogi ex- vg+ $10
Rodney Dangerfield No Respect vg- vg- $5
Rodney Dangerfield Rappin' Rodney vg vg- $5
Jack DeLeon The Firsta Family vg vg+ $10
John Denver & the Muppets A Christmas Together vg vg+ $5
Devo New Traditionalists vg vg $5
Dr. Demento Delights vg- (cutout) ex $15
Dr. Demento Demento's Momentos vg (cut corner) vg+ $10
Dr. Demento Greatest Novelty Records - 1980s cutout sealed $10
Dr. West's Medicine Show and Junk Band Dr. West's Medicine Show and Junk Band still sealed $35
Dr. West's Medicine Show and Junk Band Dr. West's Medicine Show and Junk Band vg vg $15
Jonathan Edwards The Piano Artistry of vg vg $20
Ethel and the Shameless Hussies Born to Burn ex ex $10
The Firesign Theatre Don't Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me the Pliers good vg $7
The Firesign Theatre Fighting Clowns ex vg+ $7
The Firesign Theatre I Think We're All Bozos on This Bus vg vg $7
The Firesign Theatre Not Insane vg vg $7
The Firesign Theatre Waiting for the Electrician vg vg $7
The First Family The First Family vg vg $7
Flanders and Swann At the Drop of a Hat (Cast) ex ex $10
Flanders and Swann At the Drop of Another Hat vg vg+ $10
The Fools Heavy Mental vg (cutout) vg+ $10
David Frye I Am the President vg+ vg+ $7
Funny You Don't Look It (Jack Davis Cover) vg- vg- $15
Bobby Gale This Is My Life vg vg $5
Neal Gladstone Sleep Neat still sealed $7
Billy Gray The Many Shades of Billy Gray vg vg- $5
J.C. Grimes Oiling America still sealed $7
Larry Groce Junkfood Junkie vg vg $12
Rolf Harris The Court of King Caractacus still sealed $15
Benny Hill Words and Music vg+ vg+ $10
Hal Holbrook Mark Twain Tonight! vg+ vg+ $7
Stanley Holloway His Famous Adventures with Old Sam...The Ramsbottoms vg+ vg- $15
Will Holt & Dolly Jonah On the Brink vg vg- $5
Homer & Jethro Don't Be Cornfused ex vg+ $7
NEW Homer & Jethro Strike Back vg (cutout) vg+ $7
Hudson and Judson Who's on First? vg- (cutout) mint $7
Hudson and Landry Losing Their Heads vg vg $7
George Jessel At His Best! vg+ vg $8
The Jetsons First Family on the Moon vg+ ex $12
Jose Jimenez The Astronaut fair+ (seam splits) vg- $4
Jose Jimenez Jose Jimenez In Orbit vg- vg $10
Jose Jimenez My Name...Jose Jimenez vg vg $7
Jose Jimenez Our Secret Weapon vg vg+ $8
Spike Jones The Hilarious Spike Jones vg+ vg+ $6
NEW Jerry Jordan Phone Call From God vg vg $5
Jackie Kannon Live from the Ratfink Room vg- vg- $4
The Kazoos Brothers Plate Full of Kazoos stil sealed $15
Ernie Kovacs The Ernie Kovacs Album vg ex $25
Tom Lehrer Songs By Tom Lehrer vg+ ex $7
Lenny & Squiggy Lenny and the Squigtones (with poster!!) vg (cut corner) ex $75
MacLean & MacLean Toilet Rock vg- vg- $5
Howie Mandel Fits Like a Glove vg vg $10
Lou Marsh & Tony Adams The Bullthrowers vg vg $6
Steve Martin Comedy Is Not Pretty vg vg+ $7
Steve Martin Let's Get Small vg ex $7
Steve Martin A Wild and Crazy Guy vg vg $7
Jackie Mason I Want to Leave You With the Words of a Great Comedian vg vg- $4
Jackie Mason The World According to Me still sealed $7
Mitzi McCall & Charlie Brill From Our Point-of-View vg vg+ $7
NEW Bob & Doug McKenzie Great White North (w/Daily Hoser sleeve) vg vg $7
Bob Melvin Closer, Baby, Don't Fight It! vg- vg $5
Mickey Mouse Disco vg+ ex $15
Mister X Adam Stag Party Special Number 6 fair fair $1
Monty Python Matching Tie and Handerchief (3 sided record) vg vg $12
Harry Morton Look Out For... vg vg $5
Martin Mull I'm Everyone I've Ever Loved vg- vg+ $7
Martin Mull No Hits, Four Errors - Best of vg- ex $7
Martin Mull Sex & Violins vg+ vg+ $12
Eddie Murphy Comedian vg ex $5
Eddie Murphy Eddie Murphy vg ex $5
NEW Nino Nanni In a Party Mood vg- vg- $5
National Lampoon Good-bye Pop vg vg $12
National Lampoon Lemmings (with booklet) vg vg- $10
National Lampoon Lemmings (not gatefold) vg vg+ $7
National Lampoon Missing White House Tapes vg+ vg+ $7
National Lampoon White Album vg (cut corner) vg $10
The New Christy Minstrels Tell Tall Tales vg vg+ $12
Bob Newhart This Is It vg ex $20
Bob Newhart Windmills Are Weakening vg+ ex $25
Not Ready for Prime Time Players Saturday Night Live ex ex $7
The Partridge Family Up to Date vg+ ex $7
Patchett & Tarses Instant Replay (Two Sides of Football) vg vg $10
Emo Philips E=MO2 vg+ (cutout) vg+ $20
Freddie Prinze Looking Good vg+ vg+ $25
Proctor and Bergman TV or Not TV good vg $7
B. S. Pully Fairy Tales vg- vg $6
Gilda Radner Live from New York vg vg- $5
Bob Rivers Twisted Christmas vg- (cutout) ex $7
Joan Rivers What Becomes a Semi Legend Most? vg- vg $5
Allen Robin Thank You, Mr. President (promo) vg ex $6
Robin and Doud Welcome to the LBJ Ranch good vg $7
Paul Rodriguez You're in America Now, Speak Spanish vg- vg+ $12
Murray Roman Busted cutout (good) vg- $7
NEW Root Boy Slim and the Sex Change Band With the Rootettes vg (sm cut) vg- $9
NEW Biff Rose The Thorn in Mrs. Rose's Side vg vg- $7
NEW The Royal Guardsmen Merry Snoopy's Christmas vg+ vg $10
Anna Russell A Practical Banana Promotion vg+ vg+ $10
Soupy Sales Still Soupy After All These Years vg+ vg+ $7
Tim Sample The Tim Sample Comedy Album vg+ vg+ $7
Father Guido Sarducci Breakfast in Heaven cutout (ex) ex $10
Peter Schickele P.D.Q. Bach on the Air vg vg+ $5
Peter Schickele The Wurst of P.D.Q. Bach vg vg $7
The Second City Comedy From the Second City vg+ vg $20
Sesame Street Sesame Street Fever vg- vg+ $12
Jean Shepherd The Declassified Jean Shepherd ex vg- $20
Allan Sherman My Son, the Celebrity ex ex $10
Allan Sherman My Son, the Folk Singer vg ex $10
Shel Silverstein Freakin' at the Freakers Ball vg (sticker on back) vg+ $20
Shel Silverstein The Great Conch Train Robbery vg+ vg+ $20
Shel Silverstein Special Selected Cuts from Songs & Stories vg vg+ $35
Spinal Tap Break Like the Wind (Pic Disc) none mint $15
Bruce Springstone Live at Bedrock vg vg+ $10
Ray Stevens Boogity Boogity vg (cut corner) vg+ $7
Stevens & Grdnic Somewhere Over the Radio vg (cut corner) vg $10
Stiller & Meara Laugh When You Like vg vg+ $7
Strange Bedfellows Comedy & Politics good (some sticker damage) ex $7
Superman Book and Record middle page of comic book missing vg $8
Judy Tenuta Buy This, Pigs! cutout (vg-) vg+ $5
Lily Tomlin And That's the Truth vg vg $10
Lily Tomlin Modern Scream vg+ vg+ $20
Lily Tomlin On Stage vg vg (cut out) $15
Lily Tomlin This Is a Recording vg+ vg+ $15
Travesty Ltd. Teen Comedy Party still sealed $45
Sophie Tucker The Spice of Life good vg $15
Tracey Ullman You Broke My Heart in 17 Places ex ex $7
Uncle Bonsai Boys Want Sex in the Morning (w/lyrics) vg vg+ $10
Uncle Bonsai A Loney Grain of Corn (w/"Penis Envy") vg+ vg+ $15
Peter Ustinov The Grand Prix of Gibraltar vg vg $15
Rudy Vallee The Funny Side of Rudy Vallee vg vg $7
Jacki Vernon The Day My Rocking Horse Died vg ex $15
Wacky Westerns Various Artists vg- vg $7
Mike Warnke Hey Doc! vg- vg- $12
The Washington Hillbillies (Featuring Jeff Altman) vg vg $5
Tony Webster Marriage Counselor vg- vg- $5
Len Weinrib & Joyce Jameson The First Nine Months Are the Hardest vg vg $7
Orson Welles The Begatting of the President vg vg+ $15
Larry Wilde The Joker Is Wilde still sealed $10
Mason Williams The Mason Williams Phonograph Record good vg $7
Robin Williams Reality...What a Concept vg vg $5
Flip Wilson Flipped Out fair (water damage) vg $5
Flip Wilson The Flip Wilson Show vg- (cutout) vg+ $7
Flip Wilson Geraldine - Don't Fight the Feeling vg- (small cutout) vg+ $7
Women of the Night Various Artists vg+ vg+ $5
Woody Woodbury Concert in Comedy vg+ vg- $10
Woody Woodbury Laughing Room vg+ good $5
Woody Woodbury Looks at Love and Life vg vg $10
Woody Woodbury Saloonatics vg+ good $5
Steven Wright I Have a Pony ex vg+ $12
"Weird Al" Yankovic Dare to Be Stupid vg vg+ $10
"Weird Al" Yankovic In 3-D ex ex $7
You Don't Have to Be Jewish When You're In Love the Whole World's Jewish vg- vg $6
You Don't Have to Be Jewish (Booker & Foster Present) vg vg $5
Bob Zany Hi Home I'm Honey vg- (cutout) vg $5
Frank Zappa Apostrophe good (wear) vg $5

Artist Title Cover Vinyl Price
The Monroes The Monroes vg (moderate wear, no tears) ex $45
Lynyrd Skynyrd Street Survivors (Flame Cover) vg ex $40
The Who Who Are You (Red Vinyl) vg ex $12

Artist Title Cover Vinyl Price
Mel Brown I'd Rather Suck My Thumb ex vg $10
Craig Hundley Trio (14 yr old jazz musician) Arrival of a Young Giant vg vg $25

Artist Title Cover Vinyl Price
Cliff Barrows Exciting Songs on the Way ex+ ex+ $5
Cliff Barrows Singin' a New Song still sealed $5
Gene Bartlett The Old Fashioned Meeting still sealed $5
Pat Boone S-A-V-E-D ex+ ex+ $6.50
Pat Boone The Star Spangled Banner ex+ ex+ $5
The Boone Family The Family Who Prays ex ex $7
The Christian Couriers Joy vg vg $7
Mike Douglas I'll Sing This Song for You ex ex $5
John Fischer Johnny's Cafe ex+ ex+ $5
The Florida Boys Smoething Exciting! still sealed $5
Gary & Sharon Thank Heaven for Love... ex ex $5
Kevin Gould True Stories ex+ ex+ $5
Billy Graham Crusade In Miniature good (original mailer sleeve) ex $10
John & Kathy, Shane & Alice You're Not the Lone Ranger ex+ ex+ $5
Kent I Want to Live for Thee vg+ vg+ $6
Doug Lawrence With the Ralph Carmichael Concert Orchestra still sealed $5
J. J. Lee Make Me a Rainbow still sealed $5
The Lewis Family Hallelujah Turnpike ex ex $5
Master Design We're His Church still sealed $5
Jimmy Miller Loving Him still sealed $5
A Musical Tribute to America Various Artists ex ex $5
Nutshell Flyaway ex+ ex+ $5
Doug Oldham Family Reunion ex ex $5
The Orpheus Choir To God Be the Glory! ex ex $5
The Gary S. Paxton Singers The Gospel According to "Gary S." still sealed $5
Stu Phillips Have a Nice Day still sealed $5
Princess Pale Moon Walk in Beauty ex+ ex+ $6.50
Singing Kolpendas Singing Kolpendas still sealed $5
Bud Tutmarc Island Guitar Simply Beautiful still sealed $5

Artist Title Cover Vinyl Price

Artist Title Vinyl Price
Ray Henry Clarinet Polka/Julaida good $1
Red Ingle Seventy Mental Reasons/Temptation vg $3

Artist Title Cover Disc Price
2nu This Is Ponderous - - $15