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Cover 1 - Thumbnail Artist Title Format Released Company Catalog No
Marvin the Paranoid Android The Double 'B'-Side 7" 1981 POSP 333
Chuck McCabe That Old Pet Rock of Mine/Live at the Pet Rock Show 7" 1976 GRT-044
J. Garland McKee Laughin' With 'Em Number 2 LP 1971 AR LPMS 2063
Bob & Doug McKenzie Great White North CD 1981
Byron McNaughton & His All News Orchestra Right From the Shark's Jaws (The Jaws Interview) 7" 1975 J 1427
Lyle (Slats) McPheeters The Ballad of Bobby Riggs 7" 1973 C 503
Meco Christmas In the Stars/Star Wars Christmas Album LP 1980 RS-1-3093
The Merry Singers Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean/Willie Take Your Little Drum 7" 78 RPM MAR5
The Merry Singers When Johnny Comes Marching Home/Battle Hymn of the Republic 7" 78 RPM MAR3
Ralph Michele Laughs to Tide You Over LP 0374
Bianca Bob Miller and Flystrip We Won't Give 'Em Sex/Red M&M's 7" 1992 SOL-223-7
Mrs. Miller Mrs. Miller Does Her Thing LP ST 5000
Mrs. Miller Mrs. Miller's Greatest Hits LP ST 2494
Roger Miller Roger Miller Live! CD 1982
Roger Miller King Of The Road CD 1992
Alan Mills I Know an Old Lady and Other Funny Songs 7" 1968 CC 1624
Lou Monte Merry Christmas from Pepino the Italian Mouse LP 1978 MLP-1240
The Mothers Over-Nite Sensation LP 1973 MS 2149
Reverend Mule and Dr. Arrowhead So You Wanna Know Baseball LP 1001
Martin Mull No Hits, Four Errors - The Best of Martin Mull LP 1977 CPN 0195
Riley Munday The Seventh Sense LP 21877
Napoleon XIV The Second Coming CD 1996
Nervous Norvus The Fang/The Bullfrog Hop 7" 45-15500
Mike Neun More Mike Neun Humor LP 1974 9009
Hector Nicol Queen of the Road LP 1979 KLP 11