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Cover 1 - Thumbnail Artist Title Format Released Company Catalog No
Elvira and The Vi-Tones 3-D TV 12" 1982 RNTI 401
Ernie and Bert At Home With Ernie and Bert LP 1979 CTW 22089
Erotiques D'Amor Erotiques D'Amor LP A 5001
Fabulous Poodles Think Pink LP 1979 JE 36256
Mary Lee Fair Confessions of Love LP LP 12/102
The Fairyland Players Three Blind Mice/The Farmer In the Dell 7" 78 RPM 546
The Fairyland Players Wynken, Blynken and Nod 7" 78 RPM PL-A 100
Fat Harry White & The Love Limited Orchestra Hmmm Baby CD 1998
Federation Earth Band Vulcanization/Star Trek Theme 7" 1976 SFF-8
Ferrante and Teicher Blast Off! LP ABCS 285
W. C. Fields The Original Voice Tracks From His Greatest Movies LP DL 79164
The Firesign Theatre Give Me Immortality or Give Me Death CD 1998
Don Fisher and Jim Newstrom Rodney Robb for President LP 1984 JDL-101
Flanders & Swann And Then We Wrote.... LP 1975 EMCM 3088
Zilch Fletcher Nobody's Dreamboat LP 1977 DM 84723
Flo & Eddie Flo & Eddie LP 1973 MS 2141
The Fools Christmas Toons CD 1992 ACE005CD
The Foremen Folk Heroes CD 1995
Jeff Foxworthy Games Rednecks Play CD 1995
Redd Foxx Elizabeth, I'm Coming! LP RF 20
Redd Foxx On the Loose LP 5905
Redd Foxx The Laff Of the Party Volume 2 LP 1956 DTL-219
Redd Foxx The Laff of the Party Volume 3 LP 1956 DTL-220
Redd Foxx Funny Stuff LP 1963 DTL 835
Redd Foxx Redd Foxx at Home! LP 1967 RF 3