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Cover 1 - Thumbnail Artist Title Format Released Company Catalog No
Ruth Batchelor Reviving A Dream LP 82671
Blaster Bates TNT for Two LP 1969 BB 00-05
Bruce "Baby Man" Baum Born to Be Raised LP 1981 HR-4003
Bruce "Baby Man" Baum Marty Feldman Eyes/Reflections, 1 7" 1981 HR-11
Billy Baxter and his Carnaby Street Vaudeville Band Billy Baxter and his Carnaby Street Vaudeville Band LP ABC 581
The Beach Boys The Beach Boys LP SPC-3221
The Beach Boys Surfer Girl LP SM-1981
Orson Bean I Ate the Baloney LP CS 9743
Raethel Bean and the Doonesbury Break Crew Rap Master Ronnie 12" 1984 SSR 115
Fred Bear Secrets of Hunting LP 1968 863B-2000
The Beat Farmers Tales of the New West LP 1985 RNLP853
The Beat Farmers Van Go LP 1986 MCA -5759
Larry Beck Alaska, My Alaska Volume 1 LP BOA-AMA 001-4
Larry Beck Larry Beck in Concert LP 1980 BOA-LBA-IC-I
Billy Bedamned Bags to Bitches/Never Again 7" 524
Billy Bedamned Cindy/Do They Hang Too Low 7" IRM 564
Lew Bedell Oh Mighty Game of Golf! LP LP 320
The Bee Jays My Boyfriend's Back 7" C86
The Bees What the Ad. Doesn't Show/Bogeyman's Palace 7" 1969 45-114
Benny Bell Kosher Comedy LP 1960 120
Benny Bell Everybody Likes My Fanny/Wading the Water 7" 1975 VRS 35185
Benny Bell Shaving Cream LP 1975 VSD 79357
Benny Bell Shaving Cream/The Girl From Chicago 7" 1975 VRS-35183
Benny Bell Ikey and Mikey/The Old Canarsie Line 7" 1979 VSD 35209
Benny Bell; The Agony Trio Pincus the Peddler LP 1959 NO. 234