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Cover 1 - Thumbnail Artist Title Format Released Company Catalog No
Oscar Brand Bawdy Songs and Backroom Ballads Volume 4 LP 1957 AFLP 1847
Oscar Brand Give 'Im the Hook LP 1958 RLP 12-832
Oscar Brand Bawdy Western Songs Vol. 6 LP 1960 AFLP 1920
Oscar Brand Boating Songs and All That Bilge LP 1960 EKS-7183
Oscar Brand Rollicking Sea Shanties LP 1962 AFLP 1966
Oscar Brand Sing-Along Bawdy Songs and Backroom Ballads LP 1962 AFLP 1971
Oscar Brand Pie in the Sky CD 1996 TCD 1021
Oscar Brand with Erik Darling American Drinking Songs LP RLP 12-630
Oscar Brand Assisted by Dave Sear Absolute Nonsense LP RLP 12-825
Oscar Brand with Dave Sear Bawdy Songs Goes to College LP AFSD 5952
Oscar Brand with Dave Sear Bawdy Sea Shanties LP 1958 AFSD 5884
Oscar Brand with Dave Sear Bawdy Hootenanny LP 1963 AFSD 6121
Oscar Brand; The Secret Band American Dreamer LP 1980 BLP 12067
Oscar Brand and The Short Arms Cough! Army Songs Out of the Barracks Bag LP 1963 EKL 242
Oscar Brand and The Ski Bums A Snow Job for Skiers LP EKL-228
Brandmeier Almost Live LP 1984 BPI-2004
Fanny Brice Fanny Brice Sings the Songs She Made Famous LP AFLP 707
Elton Britt Yodel Songs LP 1956 LPM-1288
Albert Brooks Comedy Minus One LP 1973 ABCX-800
Mel Brooks High Anxiety/Springtime for Hitler 7" 1978 E-45458
Mel Brooks It's Good to Be the King 12" 1980 4W9 02761
The Brothers Four Ratman and Bobbin In the Clipper Caper/Muleskinner 7" 4-43547
Julie Brown Goddess in Progress LP 1984 RNEP 610
Julie Brown Trapped in the Body of a White Girl LP 1987 1-25634
Tommy Brown Soul Brother in Heaven and Hell LP TM-2823